Industrial Hearing Conservation Services

Hearing Conservation Services

Custom Hearing Protection - Protect your employees' hearing

We are able to assist manufacturers and other businesses to protect and monitor their employee’s hearing, and to comply with OSHA requirements for hearing protection.

For new Hearing Conservation Programs, we can provide an employee education program regarding noise exposure and appropriate hearing protection. We are also able to assist manufacturers in arranging for sound level assessments of their employee work environments.

Your employees may be scheduled to come to our office by appointment (special arrangements may be made outside of our usual business hours for shift employees) for annual evaluations.

Industrial Hearing Conservation Services

Alternatively, if your business facility is able to provide a testing area which meets OSHA ambient noise level requirements, we are able to bring portable, calibrated testing equipment on site to annually monitor your at-risk employees.

These services include examination of the ear canals with an otoscope, puretone hearing threshold testing per OSHA criteria and interpretation of results with appropriate recommendations for follow-up, when indicated.

We offer several types of custom-fit hearing protection that are substantially more effective and more comfortable than poorly fitting, generic earplugs.

Industrial Hearing Protection
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