Hearing Test

Hearing Evaluations

If you're experiencing difficulty communicating because of hearing loss, constantly dealing with tinnitus, or looking for trustworthy recommendations about the latest hearing aid technology, we provide an exceptional experience and high-quality care that cannot be found elsewhere.

We will ask you and your companion questions about your hearing health, areas of communication difficulty that you may be experiencing, and the type of activities and lifestyle that you enjoy.

Hearing Test

What to Expect

During the hearing test, you will be asked to recognize everyday words at different volume levels, and to identify tones of different sound frequencies reproduced with headphones. Your ability to hear each tone, or frequency, reveals the unique hearing pattern of your hearing abilities, which we record on an audiogram.

The test is performed in a special attenuated sound booth using earphones and other types of noninvasive diagnostic instruments. The audiologist uses this data, along with a basic physical examination, to determine the type and severity of your hearing loss. These tests will determine whether your hearing loss is best treated medically or with hearing aids.

Hearing Test

After the Test

All hearing test results will be completely explained to you before you leave our office. If significant hearing loss is identified during your examination, we will either provide you with an appropriate medical referral, or review hearing device options that are available. We will also provide counseling regarding effective listening strategies and other appropriate compensation options for telephone, television or other areas of difficulty.
hearing evaluation
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