Hearing Care Services

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Offering a full range of hearing services for children (ages 4 and up) and adults.
We continually strive to:

  • Raise the quality of hearing health care
  • Keep abreast of the most current research and technology
  • Maintain the most professional, knowledgeable staff through continuing education and evaluation
  • Work hard to offer you more and serve you better
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Hearing Care Services

Why patients visit Erie Audiology

When we ask our new patients why they came to us they often say they've been referred by one of our current patients or by their physician who has told them about us. If you have a hearing concern you can make an appointment with us directly. A physician referral is not a requirement.

During your examination, we will determine whether an underlying medical problem is causing your hearing difficulty. If a medical need exists, we will make an appropriate and timely referral to your personal physician or to a specialist. If your hearing problem cannot be medically treated, we can provide information regarding the best hearing devices and communication strategies that are most appropriate to your unique lifestyle and communication difficulties.

Why patients visit Erie Audiology
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