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Musician Products

Westone Custom and Universal Earplugs

With decades of in-ear and acoustic innovation, Westone incorporates only the most premium materials and optimal processes into all its products.

Musician Products

Musicians and music lovers, from high school level to professional, from classical orchestras to rock groups, are exposed to high decibel volume ranges. Hearing is important to the livelihood of a musician. Not only can musicians suffer from hearing loss, but many musicians often experience a ringing in their ears (tinnitus) and various pitch-perception problems.

Music lovers should be modest in the length of time and level of loud music to which they expose their ears. Many performing musicians or concertgoers use either custom or universal filtered hearing protection or in-ear monitors to regulate the levels of sound they absorb while performing or attending events.

Westone Custom and Universal Earplugs


Westone custom products combine the latest in acoustic technology and more than five decades of experience in crafting custom fit products for the human ear. “Customs” as they are most commonly referred to are primarily used by the professional on-stage musician but have also gained popularity with audiophiles looking for a critical listening earpiece. Athletes looking for an earphone that stays in the ear can also benefit from a custom made product.

  • All Westone custom products require an ear-impression.
  • Custom monitors are a great choice for those with hard to fit ears and can offer a superior seal for particular anatomies.
  • Westone custom monitors are made to order and offer virtually unlimited customization options.
Westone Custom and Universal Earplugs


Westone universal fit earphones and in-ear monitors are the perfect solution for those who want a no-compromise approach to high-end sound in a lightweight exceptionally comfortable package. Our universal products are segmented into our UM PRO Series products, Westone W Series and Adventure Series products.

  • Westone’s True-Fit technology delivers unmatched comfort in a universal package
  • Replaceable ear tips offer a multitude of semi-custom fit options
Westone Custom and Universal Earplugs
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